A Nurturing Approach

We nurture children with lots of care, good food, guidance, healthy relationship skills, and a focus on self-confidence. Our environment is calm, stable, nourishing, and most of all, happy.


Tools for Intellectual Development

We instill our smallest students with the skills they’ll need to enter school a step ahead of the game. And school-aged students get a leg up in their coursework plus valuable social skills and tools for everyday life.

Discovery and Exploration

We encourage kids to stretch their wings and take flight, both inside and outside the classroom. Our property includes extensive outdoor gardens and play areas, and we love off-site outings and field trips.

What We Mean by Integrated Learning

To us, taking great care of kids means offering care on every level and at every age, whether we’re guiding a toddler’s shaky first steps or helping a fifth-grader learn to cook a healthy meal.

“What can you offer my child?”

Bennion Learning Center provides a unique blend of classroom learning, outdoor activity, relationship development, and custom-tailored care for each child at every age. From our dedicated infant nursery to our after-school programs for elementary students, we foster just the right setting for well-rounded growth and development.

“Look what I can do.”

“Mom! Today we hung out with the kindergarten kids and we dug in the dirt and Amy pushed me but I was nice back. And I got a sticker for bringing her a flower I pulled out of the crack in the sidewalk. Then after lunch I sat with Marco and we wrote words that start with the letter B.”

Really, it’s the breathless joy every parent looks forward to.

Because every child is different.

Not every infant naps on the same schedule, and not every five-year-old learns to spell at the same pace. We cater our experiential learning programs for each student’s style and progression.

Skills that help kids succeed.

We encourage socialization, communication, and collaboration among the kids, building strong relationship skills. Our small class sizes help facilitate this—kids get the support they need.

For a lifelong love of learning.

Here, kids gain the foundation needed to enjoy learning and get a step ahead in grade school. We work with parents and teachers to cater our curriculums to each child’s specific needs.

What can we do for your child?

We’d love to hear from you—don’t be shy. We can set up a time for you to visit our school and see what it’s all about.

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